The ultimate practice management system for the demanding practice. The benchmark in healthcare information technology the pro provides you everything you wanted from a system and more. This high speed office based server* system is ideal for a busy practice requiring management of imaging, documents storage and recall, automated electronic billing along with over 100 more features - no practice management system comes close to its comprehensiveness, ease and functionality. Within a few weeks of use this system will become the life line of your practice. MDTotal pro - it just doesn’t get any better.

   Ultra Fast EMR - Saves Time
Patient documentation should take less time than paper charts rather than taking more time as it is with the case with many other EMRs

MDTotal EMR system can operate on any platform of your choice. Mac users will love its user friendly ability - finally a system that they can use as well.

   Increase Income
Increase income by increasing accuracy - MDTotal is perhaps the most accurate integrated system in detecting the diagnosis and procedures codes and levels

           See more patients
           Prompt and accurate billing
           Increase collections
           Reduce missed procedures
           Reduce down coding by insurance carries
           Decrease billing losses
           Revenue cycle streamlined
           Less fatigue, more time for personal activities
           Pays for itself within the first year
           Improve documentation

   Reduce Costs
Reduce your working costs up to 30% by improving efficiency

           Reduce administrative costs
           Reduce administrative record management time and effort
           Reduce workforce requirements
           Minimal cost dependence on proprietary software
           No licensing cost
           No (Linux) Operating System (OS) cost
           Quick deployment, no down time

   Accurate Documentation
MDTotal’s intuitive point and click format allows patient’s medical information to be directly entered and stored into an electronic data base. Its integration into every aspect of practice management is the key to its accuracy and seamless workflow. Entering data during the progress of the patient's visit detects diagnostic and procedures codes for correct E/M levels to automatically generate a super bill with only relevant documentation ready to sign-off as the patient leaves the examination room. The bill is ready and waiting for the patient at the front desk.

MDTotal’s advanced technology allows quick customization mostly for all features. Most simple administrative changes can be made by an authorized staff member. For more difficult feature customization our highly competent technical department (R&D) will customize anything you ask of them. Charges may apply for the more difficult and time consuming feature customization.

   Quick Deployment
MDTotal can be set up as fast as liitle 14 days. This means configuring your custom requirements, server set up, training you and your staff. No need for any down time. MDTotal will help you phase in without affecting your practice schedule.

Much More...

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