Build a system that works the way physicians works

   Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
    Our aim is to provide software usability for all three major operating systems Windows/Mac/Linux.

   Low Cost
    Generically good medical software comes with a high price tag with continuous licensing and user fees. Our concept is to reduce the cost of Research and development for the consumer, by spreading it over a larger number of users. The United States federal government requires all physicians to stop using paper charts; the time has come to provide high end low cost systems to all physicians. MDTotal’s vision is to provide the highest level of service and technology to all physicians at a fraction of the current systems cost.

    Keeping paper documents consumes valuable time, expense, cumbersome storage and compromises safety of patient information due to loss of a chart, theft, fire or natural disasters. US federal government requires all physicians to acquire electronic medical records ability by the year 2014. MDTotal’s solution is to totally manage all information in the medical office in an electronic data format to provide efficiency, cost effectiveness, reduce administrative work load and reduce legal liabilities.

   Ultra Fast EMR
    The success or failure of a healthcare software hinges on one key portion; the electronic medical record (EMR). All comprehensive Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) software fails to provide a logical solution to the most crucial piece of the puzzle; the medical notes or the EMR is a data entry process which is either a word processor requiring cumbersome details to be written out by or a pre selected templates that cannot efficiently interact with information being gathered by the physician. The result is a time consuming process that slows the physician’s progress and misses out on recording many procedures during the patient visit, causing a substantial loss of time and income. An EMR should speed up the medical charting process to allow more time for the physician to provide better care to the patient.

   Easy & Simple to Use
    MDTotal is designed specifically for the non computer novice; learning should require no special training and should have a minimal learning curve. The whole office should get started on the first day without help; the work flow needs to be self explanatory and lead the operator into each subsequent section during the patient visit. Detailed online tutorial can be referenced form anywhere with just an internet connection. A free easy to use online support system keeps you in contact with MDTotal’s staff at all times.

   True Documentation
    Typical systems base their documentation on predetermined formats that do not give a factual representation of the patient visit, with so many possible combinations of history, examination and assessment planning process it is disappointing to see a note lumped into a standard formatted template for every patient with a similar disease. Documentation should be identical to how a physician would write a note with individual details without actually having to physically write it out.

   Eliminate/Reduce Transcriptions
    Transcription is required because the notes, being generated by EMR’s are inadequate. If an EMR can provide detail documentation of the patient visit then the need for transcription would be unnecessary. Both Physician and staff’s valuable time is consumed during transcriptions and the cost it self can be considerable.

   HIPAA Architecture
    Instead of incorporating HIPAA into existing systems for compliance, software should be designed with HIPAA sprit at its core. Every action in the work flow should enhance HIPAA requirements.

   Minimal Hardware Investment
    Software can be an expensive investment along with Hardware to make it all work (Servers). The cost of Servers can vary form $3,000 to $7,000. MDTotal gives you the option to begin with best software and hardware combination.

   Expandable with Growth
    As your practice grows your systems needs to able to grow without you worrying about exorbitant new clinic staff fees. MDTotal is built on a browse based platform that allows expansion on demand. So when a new office staff except a clinician joins your office, you just simply add the new user to your system without the need to inform your EMR provider of the change in status.

    Physicians are constantly on the go, and require solutions that provide them this facility. Information should secure and accessible from any computer around the world. A single patient’s file should be visible and operable by more than one doctor at the same time.

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