What can MDTotal do for me?
Improve Patient Care
Increase Revenues
Reduce Overheads
Reduce Liabilities
Improved Communications
Increase Leisure Time

Why should I switch to an electronic practice management system?
Most providers use computers to manage parts of their practices using, various software for demographics, appointments and billing. But soon in order to comply with federal regulations all documentation along with progress notes must be paperless, doctors are burdened with data entry chores and compatibilities issues amongst the different software in one office. MDTotal converts your practice into an efficiently run paperless office with just a single software at an affordable price.

What can I do with my paper charts?
MDTotal’s document management system makes transition from paper to electronic records a breeze. Old charts and notes are simply imported directly in to patient’s electronic file using a high speed scanner. All it takes is just one step and the data is securely stored away. Physicians can access the old progress notes, letters, images, lab reports etc. while viewing patient’s file. No charts to pull, no lost reports, its all there in secure digital format.

Can I transfer my patient demographics from my old system?
Yes, MDTotal offers a service to transfer demographic data from your old software and convert it into a usable format for MDTotal’s practice management system, making your transition easy and worry free. An expert member of our staff will come and visit your practice and access your requirements and help you get started with MDTotal.

How is MDTotal different form other Practice Management Systems?
MDTotal is a browser based practice management system that lowers the cost by using any operating system like Linux with PHP, Java, Java Script and MySQL. It is able to regulate and manage healthcare environment, increase productivity and efficiency like no other software. Every aspect of MDTotal is superior to any other practice management system as it is purpose built by leading physicians to fulfill there specific requirements. MDTotal provides a wide range of mobile and custom applications, delivering Web-based practice and laboratory management solutions, a software with the Total Solution.

Can I access my clinic while traveling?
MDTotal’s web browsing ability allows you to access your practice or multiple practices while you’re on the move. Simply access your office by logging onto the web and using the secure encrypted connection.

I’m currently using a billing and a scheduling system, which EMR/EHR should I get?
Federal guidelines require all healthcare information to be kept in form of electronic records. Current software is not designed to handle medical notes / charting. Some vendors have added an EHR portion to their billing and scheduling software and calling it an” integrated “system. However, these hybrid systems create more hurdles and make data entry a lengthy process, as well as putting your data at risk form loss or corruption. MDTotal is the only truly integrated practice management system designed exclusively by leading Physicians. It aims to reduce data entry time, increase efficiency and increase patient safety.

Do I need to buy more equipment?
Yes , if you are currently using a billing and scheduling software and have an internet connection in the office, then you most likely have all the hardware you need except you will require vital hardware equipment (server). You can let MDTotal send you a server, that way don’t have to worry about specifications, compatibility or you can have your own IT person configure one for you. Any additional expansion or upgrade will only be a personal preference.

New users will require standard equipment (of their choice or from a list of recommended products) such as server, networking, monitors, workstations, printers, scanners, digital camera and for best results.

Is data backup reliable and how safe is my patients information?
Digital Data Backup is the one of the most reliable way to store information available today. Paper Charts extremely venerable to damage from: Fire, Water, Theft, loss and other unforeseen natural disasters.

Most good Servers provide a digital data backup system which takes safety and reliability to another level. Severs with RAID mirror hard drives can protect against hard driver failure. Second level backup can be with external hard drives or tape systems. A third level backup system is also available from Third party off-site facilities.

Is it HIPAA compliant?
Yes MDTotal is fully HIPAA Compliant and adheres to all its standards and regulations. MDTotal is committed to ensuring its user’s are fully compliant with all relevant security requirements and patient confidentiality set down by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Can multiple doctors in a group practice use MDTotal?
MDTotal is specifically designed to work with any number of providers. All providers can securely work simultaneously form different workstations without any hindrances or performance issues. Multiple providers and HIPAA compliance is the focal point of MDTotal.

How can I afford to buy MDTotal?
MDTotal is by far the best value for your money! With such advanced technology software, its price is affordable. Time and Staff saving alone can payback in short time.


How difficult is the data-entry of my clinical observations?
MDTotal has a unique method of documentation that requires minimal or no type in data entry into the EMR. The system automatically guides the provider with its point-n-click feature for generating documentation. MDTotal makes routine-case data entry easy without typing, dictations or cumbersome voice recognition.

Can the system produce a Text document or Referral Letter from a patient encounter?
Yes, MDTotal generates true text documents in real-time of exactly of what was observed by the provider and not according to pre-written templates with partial observations pasted into the templates. It also generates a summary letter for the referring physician.

How does the system track outgoing referrals and make sure they are being seen and treated?
MDTotal has extensive Tracking features for automated Referrals.

Is there a Dermpathology component in this system?
Yes, MDTotal has a complete module for managing and documenting Dermpathology for both In-house reporting and for Outside Pathology labs. Outside labs affiliated with Quest and LabCorp can send automated requisitions and receive reports back electronically via MDTotal HL7 interface.

Is there a way to see Path reports directly from the patient chart?
Yes, All reports are automatically associated with patient file and all Cancer reports are highlighted for attention and viewing.

Can the system track pathology request being sent out and received?

Can the system print labels for path specimens?

Can the system attach photos to a patient visit and compare later?

Can the system attach photos to a referral letter?
Photos are sent with detail notes, however if your practice sends photos with referral letter it can be arranged.

Can the system require certain fields in progress notes be completed before the system can be sent to doctor for approval?

Can the system use e-prescription without using EMR?
No, EMR is an integral core of electronic medical records as all information must be documented in the patient note.

Does the system check for drug interactions and allergies when e-prescribing?
Allergies Yes, Drug interactions will be added in the coming updates.

Does the system have voice recognition?
No, the system is designed to avoid this feature which impractical, time consuming and overall counter-productive.

Does the system have a provision for transcription of medical notes?
Yes, however transcribing is costly, with slow turnaround and often incorrect, MDTotal is designed to avoid transcribing.

Does the system have tailored menus for providers (such as drug list, most seen problems at top)?
Provider can select favorite drugs, procedures, patient education and follow-up requirements associated with the diagnosis.

How does the system track Cancer and make sure patient makes an appointment?
Extensive Tracking for Cancer follow-up with highlighting flags are built-in to the system integrated with appointment reminders and Recall letters.

Can the system document MOHS procedures?
Yes, MDTotal has the most extensive MOHS documentation module in the industry, complete with various stage imaging, slides and drawing capability.

Can the system document Pigmented Lesions (Moles)?
Yes, MDTotal has a full module for Moles identification, Dermatoscopy documentation along with total body imaging and image comparison feature built-in.


Can the system insert patient photos at the front desk?
Yes, using Webcam or a Digital Camera.

How does the system capture insurance and ID cards?
Does the system have Insurance Verification?
Both options for Manual Verification & Auto-Verification are available. Auto-verification requires an interface with the clearinghouse for data exchange; the clearinghouse must have this capability.

How does the system do Charge Entry w/o EMR?
All charges are automatically generated from the EMR inputs, but can also be entered or modified manually .

How does the system schedule for Multiple Locations and providers (Visual for telling difference between offices)?
The system has several ways; one easy way is for the ability for the User to switch clinics with one click.

Can the system calculate patient totals, copay or self pay charges before they leave?
Yes, system lets the exit desk know about charges.

Can the system track product sales and inventory?
Yes, the system has a built-in Point-of-sale module.

Can we search for an appointment by provider and location and visit type?

How does the system track the difference between Copay payment and a patient balance payment?
The two are managed separately, which becomes easy to track in this system.

Can the system print labels?
Yes, the system prints several types of labels and bar-coding i.e. patient / ref physician / Pathology Specimen/ Appointment reminder labels.

Can Patients register online and are they able to provide their medical history and insurance information securely?
Yes, the system has a built-in Patient Portal for at home pre-registration. The information provided by the patient is securely transferred to; the clinic scheduler, billing information section and to the EMR for convenience and time saving. The portal access can be linked from clinic’s website.

Could we have kiosks for patient registration and Check-in?
Yes, the system has E-Kiosk feature for in the reception area registration and for check-in.

Is there a standby list for earlier available appointments?

Can the system search for the next available appointment?
Yes, and can also search next available appointment for a particular day.

Can the provider check which types of patients are booked for the day?

Does the system signal the front office for a follow-up appointment?

Does the system detect missing information for insurance billing?
Yes, highlight flags and alerts are built-in for informing the front office to collect the required information.

Is there any type of integration with automated phone reminder systems?
Yes, MDTotal automatically generates data required for systems such as TeleVox.

Can the system give a report showing how full a provider's schedule is for the upcoming week?
Yes – MDTotal has a monthly view for each provider with appointments data for each day of the month.

How does the system track No Shows?
MDTotal has a tracking system for “No show” with ability to send Recall letters.

We write “Referral Letters” and fax them, then we scan them to save a copy in the charts, is there a better way?
MDTotal allows direct fax or email of Referral Letter’s that have been automatically generated against a visit. A copy of the letter is kept automatically in the patient record.


How does the system track write-offs of patient balances?
Write-off tracking feature keeps track of all write-off for each patient and for overall write-off’s.

Can the system apply the Multiple Surgery Reduction Rule for patient balance but still bill full amount for insurance?
Yes, Can set as default type of charges, full or reduced.

Can the system automatically provides modifiers needed for certain procedures?

Can the system track rendering, billing and record signing provider separately?

Can the system mark a patient as Insurance patients as Self pay (non insurance) and alert front desk and billing?
Yes, the system Highlight’s Non-insurance visits (i.e. for cosmetic visit).

Can the system automatically track whether insurance companies are paying their contractually allowed amounts?
Yes,it can high light payments below the contracted rate.

Can we bill for offices outside of our organization?
The system will only allow you to bill from MDTotal Licensed locations. For external organizations a license can be purchased from MDTotal.

How does the system mark a patient as self pay?
They are highlighted as “CASH”.

Can the system map a fee schedule for individual insurance carriers?

How does the system handle perform a daily closeout?
MDTotal generates Daily collections summaries.

How does the system store and process EOBs?
Tow ways: i) Electronic EOB’s (835) are logged into to they system automatically, ii) Paper EOB can be scanned into the system and logged manually.

Can we set out our own criteria to flag a claim as incomplete i.e. Auth # needed, modifier needed, ref Dr.?
The system is already designed to detect incomplete claims and flags the required information needed.

Is there a pre-bill stage (when the provider adds charges how does billing get alerted it is ready to go)?
Changes can be altered at any stage before submission / after submission the visit becomes locked unless the claim is resubmitted.

Can we set specific procedure/diagnosis warnings to advise of unit requirements, modifier requirements, alternate codes, specificity of code (Ex. Medicare requires 88305 to be billed as 88305-26, 88305-TC where as all other plans will accept 88305)?

Is the system integrated with the clearinghouse to show us if a claim was accepted or rejected on transmission?

Can we correct multiple claims with the same submission problem?
Yes, it can be requested to MDTotal for batch changes.

How will the system handle billing for our In-house pathology Charges?
Can manage separate In-house pathology charges and billing.

Does the system integrate with Quickbooks?
Yes, MDTotal can export Excel format file for importing into Quickbooks or other accounting systems.


Can we have preset Visit Type codes for scheduling?
Visit type codes are generated automatically based on EMR input.

Does the system have Schedule Templates for reoccurring schedules by dates?
No, the schedule is easy to use and designed for high volume patient load.

Does it have interoffice email?
Yes, with Urgent and Follow-up tracking.

Is there a record of faxed and emailed documents?
Yes, a copy is kept in the patient document notes and also in the folders of the “Out” documents.

How does it handle different security access levels?
Admin control can set “Group” and individual “User” Policy for each section of MDTotal.

Can the office manager see quick account summaries the clinics or providers?
Yes, with graphs and charts.

Can the system keep track of Inventory and Sales of over-the-counter and prescription products?
Yes, MDTotal features a Point-of-Sale module developed specifically for dermatology clinics, which not only keeps track of the inventory, it also allows full management of the prescriptions drugs linked to the patient’s chart.

Which labs and clearinghouse is the system electronically interoperable with?
MDTotal is currently interfaced with all affiliates of Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and Gateway EDI. Other 3rd party systems can be interfaced with MDTotal upon client’s request.

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