MDTotal is committed to ensuring its user’s are fully compliant with all relevant security requirements and patient confidentiality set down by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA).

MDTotal recognizes the health care provider’s legal obligations of maintaining the privacy of patient’s health specific records, its storage and internet transactions as well as total confidentiality of information regarding its user’s. Our policies and procedures for safeguarding this information are as set forth by HIPAA regulations and business ethics code of conduct. The above safeguards apply to you and your entities information.

MDTotal use the most advanced encryption technology Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Any information submitted online is not stored using cookies, as MDTotal disables all "cookies" on our sites. Cookies are small computer files that are transferred to the visitor's hard drive. This procedure allows others to know activities you conduct when visiting a given site. While registration with MDTotal you to elect to have our site remember your user name and password, thereby shortening the sign-in process to our Web-based Viewer demonstration site during subsequent visits. Any information stored at MDTotal sites is encrypted and accessed by only those employees with the highest level of secured clearance. All MDTotal employees are signatories to the privacy policies of HIPAA.

It is noted the terms: “User” is for a person using MDTotal software or accessing its website or anyone who submits information of any kind to MDTotal, “Provider” is person providing healthcare services to patients, “Concerned Entity” is a Healthcare providers place of service, “Software” is the MDTotal Dermatology practice management software.

When providing our service, we may send you emails containing information about us, updates on new services or features and tips on how to use them. By accepting the MDTotal.CA Softawer, Inc. Terms & condition of services provided, you expressly consent to such use and disclosure of your personally identifiable and other personal information according to HIPAA rules and regulations of such disclosure. You can request to be removed from this list.

Protecting Patient-Specific Data Obtained Through Other Healthcare Providers.

On occasion MDTotal may have access to patient-identifiable information, subject to HIPAA Privacy Practice Policy. MDTotal will not release patient-identifiable information to any outside sources without prior permission from our client and the patient, except instances allowable by the HIPAA Privacy Practice Policy. Personally identifiable health information that we obtain as a part of your treatment form other healthcare professionals is stored on our database servers. We have security procedures to prevent individuals from accessing information without authorization. Our data centers are physically secure and protected from unauthorized access. In situations where a particular medical study is made available for educational or marketing purposes by MDTotal, we always anonymize ("scrub") or remove all patient-specific identification information prior to release.

MDTotal does not warrant or represent that the information sent us to will be protected against loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties. Except as set forth here MDTotal will not disclose unlawfully to third parties any information that may be used to identify you or your office/company for purposes of contacting you or your office/company. Any shared information of the Physician or Practice Information provided to third party entities is in accordance of the partnership clause of Privacy Policy of the HIPAA. We may possibly need to release information to our vendors and suppliers related to providing you better operation and maintenance of our product. The said “Vendors” and “Suppliers” are bound by the partnership agreement in HIPAA to treat your information in accordance with the laws relating to shared information, Physician or Practice Information may also be release to third parties to comply with state and federal legal requirements such as regulation, search warrant, subp oena or court order as deemed by law, or in circumstances where we determine a risk for a physical threat to you or anyone else may ensue. MDTotal cannot guarantee compliance or legal restrictions by third parities or its partners.

As set forth by HIPAA regulations in order for us to promote or conduct our business activates Aggregate Information to third parties may be used. We may disclose your information and activities in order to promote our products on our web site or in our brochures. We may or may not profit from and anonymous “scrubbed” information to third parties, information that cannot identify you or your establishment.

It is the responsibility of the “user” to safeguard the password or account provided to you by MDTotal, and that these may not be shared with anyone or any other entity with the prior authorization of MDTotal, to immediately inform MDTotal of breach of the password or account by anyone or any other entity in your knowledge.

You allow MDTotal or official persons representing MDTotal involved in providing operations and services in norm with business activities of information technology nature, i.e. web or internet activity conducted by MDTotal including information which may be privileged and confidential as per applicable laws. MDTotal assumes no responsibilities or liabilities for any submitted information over the internet, and is not responsible for activities of links or sites accessed form the MDTotal web site.

Access to and navigation on the MDTotal website is considered to be a formal acceptance of MDTotal’s Privacy Policy. It is the responsibility of the user to review the Privacy Policy each time the site is accessed.

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