A radically innovative practice management system, its unique architecture avoids limitations of various technologies. All MDTotal products can operate on the hardware of choice (PC or Mac) with minimal recommended requirements and operating system of choice whether its Windows, Mac or Linux.

   Priced for Every Budget
    Practice management systems with ultra fast EMR MDTotal will convert a practice into a fully HIPAA compliant electronic healthcare Information Unit. MDTotal’s most advanced EMR/EHR Practice Manage Systems are priced well below its value.

   New Technology & Features
    MDTotal is using :LINUX; PHP, MySQL, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, and AJAX. These allow for greater flexibility to both the creator and the end user. MDTotal can operate on any platform Windows/Mac/Linux.
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard for distributing and viewing any (Photos, MRI, CT Scans, ECG, Echo Grams, Radiographs, etc) kind of medical image regardless of the origin is the current benchmark in imaging ability. It also maintains foot prints of Patient Data and allows inter-operability within different systems.
MDTotal’s adoption of this cutting edge technology is highly beneficial in a practice or hospital environment.
MDTotal labs have developed many new features never seen before. There are over one hundred new or redeveloped features for completely new look and working in healthcare information technology.

   Ultra Fast EMR
    MDTotal provides the most advanced and intuitive EMR/EHR capability of any electronic medical notes. It is the most organized and logical practice management system in the market. The totally integrate DermTotal has set the benchmark for all EMR/EHR’s to follow.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) is rapidly replacing handwritten or transcribed medical / progress notes. By the virtue of its design and architecture the intuitive process of MDTotal EMR/EHR systematically guide you through appropriate history, leading to relevant examinations and current recommend assessments and treatment plans, followed by correct procedures and off course the right medication to prescribe with its recommended dosage. Medical reference links allow the physicians and practicing assistants to cross-referencing from PubMed accessed directly from the relevant section of the progress notes.
MDTotal’s intuitive point and click format allows; patient’s medical information to be directly entered and stored into an electronic data base. Its integration into every aspect of practice management is the key to its accuracy and seamless workflow. Entering data during the progress of the patient visit detects diagnostic and procedures codes for correct E/M levels to automatically generate a super bill with only relevant documentation ready to sign-off as the patient leaves the examination room. By the time the patient gets to the front desk the bill is ready and waiting.

   Intuitive EMR & Billing
    MDTotal’s Innovative Billing Technology is designed keeping HIPAA & HCFA standards in mind. It optimizes the revenue cycle with its total integration throughout the physician patient encounter. Charge capture automatically detects diagnosis and procedure codes (according to carrier claim rules) directly from the progress notes, procedures, prescriptions as well as other services being performed during the patient visit. All possible services provided are recorded directly with complete documentation. MDTotal eliminates unreported captures, incorrect coding and missing modifiers
The Super-Bill once signed off by the physician it is automatically generated with correct E/M levels and sent to the accounts section for claims processing, to be reviewed by billing staff or sent directly using the MDTotal eBill (EDI) module. Once reviewed the claim may be sent electronically, fax or mail as desired to the appropriate payer or insurance provider. Sign off can be performed easily at the end of the day or at a later date and can be accessed over the web for your convenience.
This innovative process considerably reduces time, effort and manpower. Payment Details, (co-payments, cash advance, along with insurance carrier and its validation status) are conveniently integrated into MDTotal’s revolutionary appointment scheduler for easy payment collection and printing receipts at the front office. Billing and accounts are managed in an organized fashion with MDTotal’s Account Module for; Patients Accounts, Claims, Receivables, Pathology Claims, Postings, Collections, Expenses, Transactions, Summary and Documents. Various functional reports are generated for keeping track of submitted claims and reconciliations. Flexible Claim Editing and total customization may be performed for unique situations and personal preferences.

   Practical & Easy to Use
    MDTotal is the most practical and logical system developed. It requires no formal training hence you save on training fees and down time. Staff members can practice by logging into the demo version. The workflow is simple and follows the patients movement through his/her visit.
MDTotal provides a paperless patient file, improves patient care by reducing common mistakes and generates consistent work ethic and documentation form all clinicians and staff. It reduces time and burden from menial task allowing everyone to perform more useful duties. Even though most physicians run their office efficiently, in the end, their charts pile up and they have to consume valuable time to complete documentation. All health information is easy to enter and retrieve saving valuable time and money whether it’s simply taking an appointment, prescription refill, making reminder call, adding lab reports, photographs referral letters to patient files, patient exit chores, and billing, back office management or writing patient’s progress notes all can be performed much faster. Best of all at the end of the day you and your staff get to go home on time with better documentation and more procedures billed correctly.

   Logic Driven Notes/Coding
    MDTotal is the only software that generated logic derived notes. Notes are generated with each click and are built up over the course of the patient visit. Notes can be viewed at anytime with a click of a button and can be edited by simply writing in the notes. Body charts are added too.

   HIPAA Compatible Security
    MDTotal enables its clients to comply with HIPAA policies and restrictions for security and standardization with an added special feature a “HIPAA module” built-in to the software. The HIPAA module keeps track of requirements such as login "passwords, its change at regular intervals, securing the individual work station, auditable user activity and host of other HIPAA security requirements. The system administrator can easily review track and audit its compliance on regular intervals, train new employees and retrain existing workforce. Employees can login to certify and fulfill all mandatory HIPAA requirements need at regular intervals. MDTotal has gone beyond being HIPAA compliant it allows its users to access a systematically arranged documentation procedure required by law for each entity and its employees to easily adhere to HIPAA compliance regulations. Additional feature of the module allows patients to login at home to complete their registration online. While doing so patients can give consent of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) and its written acknowledgment of receipt.

   Data Backup
    Healthcare data takes on an added importance of storage and security. Physicians' greatest fear of electronic records is losing their patient’s information and the single most sited reasons by them for continuing to use paper charts.
MDTotal is fully compatible with all types of data backup options.

   Online Tutorial/Demo
    MDTotal’s Online Tutorial and Demo make learning easy. The self explanatory tutorial shows you how its done and can be referenced at any time for help. The Demo allows your staff to learn on their own at home with secure web access or in the office. New employees can be easily trained in just a day or two to get started with their duties. The tutorial can teach job specific duties for faster learning.

   Browser Based
    MDTotal is a state of the based browser system which allows flexibility of new age communication. It allows multiple users at multiple sites to use the same patient file at the same time without conflict. Multitasking is made easy for quick reference, sending documents, billing information or receiving lab reports, appointment requests, and automated reminders over the internet. Wireless hardware interface makes movement chores and mobility a breeze. Browser based healthcare systems are the revolution in patient/practice/hospital/ management.

   Web Access
    MDTotal can be accessed though the web securely form anywhere at anytime. All you need is a high speed internet connection and a computer and you have full access to your office with same capabilities as you had in the office. Ideal for managing multiple sites or for stay in touch while traveling.

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