MDTotal’s training program makes it easy for all staff members to be trained with ease. Our training program can be approached in one or more of the following ways in the manner most appropriate to you requirements:

     Online a tutorial demonstration on the web is perfect for you and your staff to familiarize yourselves with MDTotal and learn the various features in the comfort of your home or office. This inter-active demonstration is available at all times as a reference manual or for training new staff members.

     On site our staff will train you and your staff at your own setting (clinic/site) and more importantly on your own equipment. This method of direct training allows for an accelerated learning curve as the users are familiar with the usage of their equipment and their surroundings. Training typically requires two to three working days. On site training is ideal for pre-established practices.

     MDTotal site located both on west and east coasts, our friendly staff can train you at a working dermatology practice. This hand’s on training session allows you to see how MDTotal works for optimal results. Ideal for startup practices.

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